Forms and Checklists

The deadline for filing and payment of taxes is April 30 so please send us your complete information ASAP via drop off, mail, courier, or upload to our secure CaseWare cloud portal which can be accessed at CaseWare Cloud.  For cloud assistance, please call our office 780-482-3431 – ext 308.

If you are uploading to the cloud, please inform us by email – [email protected] – so your upload is not overlooked.  We require any documents uploaded to be scanned.  A picture of the document taken with a camera or cell phone camera is NOT sufficient.  All information given to us in paper form will be returned to you upon completion of your return.

Please use the following forms and checklists in order for our firm to complete your personal tax return for the year.  Click on each link and download as needed.

CRA is now allowing signatures to be in electronic format.  With your consent, an image of your signature would be captured and inserted into the signature area on the T183 and any other forms requiring a signature. Click on the link below to access the template.